Riva del Garda, Italy - 4-6  October 2012

Internet as Innovation Eco-System
Summit and Exhibition 2012 

Attend Riva del Garda Summit to make innovation happen!

EAI’s Inno-Summit brings together worldwide participation, offering unsurpassed opportunities to succeed through intelligent innovation and cooperation.  From individuals to the largest organizations, innovators come to EAI Summits to discuss ideas, apply knowledge, expand networks, and to learn and be recognized.  Read more...

Costs Riva Summit

EAI is offering free attendance to the general public to Summit presenta​tions and exhibitis in order to promote knowledge, and generate business and industry related to the future internet, especially in the Trentino region. However, some sessions and events within the Summit  carry charges which are listed below. If you are not already a registered user/Community member of EAI, Consider becoming one and benefiting for discounted registration fees and being a part of an important innovation community. You can register from the Join Us section of the EAI home page at EAI.eu.

EIS 325 375

Includes 2 coffee breaks and lunch


Food and social event see below


Food and social event see below

LEADERSHIP B2B presentation 0 0 Food and social event see below
EIS DEMOS 550 650

Includes EIS abstract presentation

SME COMPETITION 850 950 Includes *** exhibits (see Exhibits prices)
STARTUP COMPETITION 0 0 Food and social event see below
Food package 60 70

1 lunch/brunch and 2 coffee breaks per day

Gala dinner 60 70

October 4th

Cocktail 10 12

October 5th 6.00 pm in the exhibits hall

All the prices are in EURO and VAT-inclusive (21%).
Catering options purchase will be also provided on site.

Benefit with discounted prices
Become an EAI registered member for discounted Summit registration and access to EAI’s tools and service

Create a new EAI account and register to the summit with member discount

Proceed without discounts

Register to the summit at full price without an EAI account
(*) registration is required so we can update on program changes or similar events in the future
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